Video: Deion Sanders Reveals What His Leg Looks Like After Toe Amputation

Deion Sanders’ left leg looks a lot different after he had to have surgery on his foot.

That surgery resulted in two of his toes being amputated.

In an upcoming episode of the series “Coach Prime,” Sanders finally gives everyone a look at what that leg looks like.

During Sanders’ stay in the hospital when he had the surgery, he lost his big toe and second toe on his foot, plus lost 35 pounds.

He was originally diagnosed with three life-threatening blood clots which started in his calf and ran through his entire leg.

This health ailment is also why Sanders had to miss some time with Jackso State during this past season.

Jackson State finished the 2021 season with an 11-2 record overall.

Thankfully, it looks like Sanders is doing okay and feeling much more like himself.

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