The Athletic Predicts A Blockbuster Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

Jimmy Garoppolo‘s days with the San Francisco 49ers are numbered. In fact, Tim Kawakami of The Athletic believes the veteran quarterback will be traded early next month and playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers next season.

“Kawakami believes a trade will be agreed to and reported by the end of this month,” writes David Bonilla of 49ers Web Zone. “He also predicts a landing spot and the compensation for Garoppolo—to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a fourth-round pick this year and a conditional pick that could become a second-rounder next year.”

The Steelers are obviously in need of a new franchise quarterback. The only issue is the quarterback market isn’t exactly stacked. Garoppolo could be a solid one-year option for a Steelers team trying to find a more permanent solution.

Garoppolo’s trade value has also been weakened by the Niners’ plans for Trey Lance. Pittsburgh won’t have to give up much to obtain him.

“While I can guess that several teams will be interested in acquiring Garoppolo, I don’t think any of them will plan for him as the long-term franchise QB. Which will limit his trade value,” Kawakami added.

This isn’t the worst scenario for either the 49ers or Steelers. The Niners would get a few draft picks out of and the Steelers would get their 2022 starter in return.

Sure, Garoppolo isn’t a star. But he’s capable of running an offense and getting a team in playoff contention. The Steelers could do far worse.

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