Sports World Reacts To Tyreek Hill Basketball Highlights

If the whole football thing doesn’t work out, Tyreek Hill might have a future in basketball.

Hill’s basketball highlights are making the rounds on Twitter this weekend. He looks like a natural out on the court.

The Miami Dolphins’ speedster can hit the jumper, get buckets in the paint and even run the fast break.

Take a look.

Anyone else see a bit of Nate Robinson in his game?

“Hill and Nate Robinson have the same type of athleticism”

“I mean he not at nba skill level but Brodie can definitely hoop”

With that being said, we’re not so sure the Dolphins are happy about Hill playing pickup basketball. There’s a big injury risk associated.

“Dolphins front office writing a new contract restricting Hill from hooping in his off-time, right after watching this video.”

“Miami should’ve put in a no hoop clause after all the bread and picks they just dished out for em lol”

Hill has some serious basketball skill. But the Dolphins probably want him sticking on the gridiron from now on.

We smell a contract clause coming soon.

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