Sports Media World Reacts To Rex Chapman’s Saturday Performance

If you’re wondering why Rex Chapman has been trending on Twitter all day, you’re not alone.

Chapman, the former Kentucky basketball star now known for his popular Twitter account, is providing coverage of the 2022 NCAA Tournament for Turner Sports.

On Saturday, Chapman made a pretty awful mistake during live coverage.

The studio analyst made the mistake of thinking former college basketball coach Pete Gillen is dead. He’s not. But Chapman apparently thought he was. He even went as far to say, “Rest in Peace, Pete Gillen.”

Obviously it’s an honest mistake. But confusing someone like Pete Gillen to be dead isn’t going to go unnoticed.

The college basketball world is talking about Rex Chapman’s horrendous mistake on Twitter right now:

“Just so y’all know, Rex is going to make these mistakes his first few trips out the gate. He’s going to get better. He’ll be excellent within a year or two. Give him time. He’ll evolve,” one fan tweeted.

“Rex is cool guy. He shouldn’t get too much heat for this,” another fan said. 

Others aren’t being so lenient on Chapman. In fact, some think he should lose his job over this.

“Most media people would lose their job for an egregious mistake such as this,” a fan commented.

The good news is Rex Chapman is taking accountability for his mistake.

“It’s a great day! Pete’s alive,” he said. “Don’t do drugs.”

What did you think about Rex Chapman’s performance on Saturday?

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