Phillies Player Addresses Caught On-Camera Remark About Fans

Alec Bohm had a grueling start to Monday’s game against the New York Mets. Afterword, he was forced to quell what had the makings of a major controversy in Philadelphia.

Bohm committed three throwing errors in the first three innings of Monday night’s game. During the second inning, Phillies fans mockingly cheered the third baseman when he converted a routine play. Afterwards, Bohm appeared to say, “I f—–g hate this place” to teammate Didi Gregorius.

In the post-game interview, via NBC Sports Philadelphia, Bohm confirmed that’s what he said. However, he attributed the words to anger getting the best of him at a down moment.

“Look, emotions got the best of me. I said it. Do I mean it? No. It’s a frustrating night for me, obviously,” Bohm said. “Made a few mistakes in the field. Look, these people, these fans, they just want to win. … I don’t mean that.”

When asked if he actually loves this place, Bohm smiled and replied, “Yeah, I do.”

Credit to Bohm for acknowledging what he said and owning up to it. Other people in his shoes might have blamed poor online lip-readers for getting it wrong. The 25-year-old, on the other hand, addressed the incident head-on.

That may make it easier for Phillies fans to forgive his transgression. After all, many of them probably shouted worse things at Bohm.

Bohm was also likely feeling a bit better after the Phillies secured a 5-4 comeback win by scoring all five runs in the eighth inning. They improved to 3-1 on the young season after defeating their NL East rivals.

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