MLB World Reacts To Surprising Freddie Freeman News

In the midst of Major League Baseball‘s lockout, there’s growing sentiment that five-time All-Star Freddie Freeman may not return to the Braves.

There was reportedly a lack of progress between the first baseman and the team when it came to contract negotiations. And now it looks like Freeman could look to secure a six-year deal with another ballclub.

Per ESPN’s Buster Olney, “There is a ‘growing belief’ that Freddie Freeman will not return to [Atlanta].”

Baseball fans were quick to react to the Freddie developments on social media.

“Vlad can play 3B occasionally,” replied Blue Jays podcaster Andrew Stoeton. “This will work!”

“I would sell my soul to have Freddie Freeman in Queens,” a Mets fan tweeted.

“Good. Just get him outta the NL East,” said another Mets fan.

“This is so embarrassing for Atlanta,” the “Tipping Pitches” podcast tweeted.

“Not gonna miss this guy in division but how do they not pay him,” asked another Mets fan.

“Congrats Freddie Freeman on becoming a Yankee.”

Who would’ve thought we’d be here six months ago.

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