Joe Buck Leaving Fox For ESPN: Fans React

On Friday, sports media insider Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that longtime Fox broadcaster Joe Buck is leaving the network to become the new voice of ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Fox granted Buck permission to speak with ESPN on Friday and a deal is expected to be reached sometime in the near future, per Marchand.

This news creates a seismic shift in the sports media landscape as we know it. Fans from around the NFL world took to Twitter to react to these groundbreaking reports.

“It’s going to feel so weird without Joe Buck calling the world series. Every world series that I can remember Joe Buck has been on the call,” one fan wrote.

“Never thought I’d see Joe Buck or Aikman potentially leave FOX Sports. New #sportsbiz out here. New rules. New money,” another said.

“Incredible get by ESPN to go from a chronically mismanaged broadcast to one of the most recognizable and effective duos in the sport,” another added.

Buck has led Fox’s World Series coverage for nearly 25 years and has called six Super Bowls since he began his career as an NFL on Fox broadcaster back in 1994. He will now rejoin his longtime broadcasting partner Troy Aikman, who left Fox to become Monday Night Football’s lead analyst earlier this year.

Buck still had one year and $11 million remaining on his contract with Fox, but the network allowed him to explore other options due to his longtime commitment to the company. The 52 year old’s new contract is reportedly expected to be in the five-year, $60-75 million range. Aikman’s ESPN contract is reported at five-years, $92.5 million.

What do you think of this big-time sports media news?

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