FCF 2022 Week 3 Rosters, Schedule, Live Stream and Format

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The second season (season v2.0) of Fan Controlled Football is rolling along into Week 3 this weekend. However, things are getting a bit more serious at this point in the season.

After having weekly redrafts to construct new rosters for the first two games, the Week 3 draft is particularly significant because all quarterbacks and skill position players will be locked into their teams for the remainder of the season. Offensive-line and defensive units will continue to be shuffled, as drafts going forward will only be two rounds starting in Week 4.

Fans hoping to check out the action in Week 3 have multiple options from FCF’s long list of streaming partners. They can also get in on the play-calling by downloading the FCF App.

Here’s all the information you need for Week 3, including scheduling, live-stream, format information and rosters for Saturday’s games.

Week 2 Scores, Week 3 Schedule and Live Stream

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Week 2 Results

Bored Ape FC 32, 8oki 14

Knights of Degen 28, Kingpins 8

Glacier Boyz 44, Zappers 6

Shoulda Been Stars 24, Beasts 6

Week 3 Schedule (all games, Saturday, April 30)

Zappers vs. Beasts: 1 p.m. ET

Bored of Ape FC vs. Kingpins: 3 p.m. ET

Shoulda Been Stars vs. Glacier Boyz: 7 p.m. ET

Knights of Degen vs. 8oki: 9 p.m. ET

Live Stream

DAZN, NBCLX, Twitch, fuboTV and the FCF App.

Season V2.0 Rules and Format

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The rules of FCF are quite different from traditional American football and other indoor leagues, so it’s worth a refresher even three weeks into the season.

Starting lineups consist of seven players, featuring one quarterback, three skill players (wide receivers, slot receivers and running backs) and three-man offensive lines. In weekly redrafts, quarterbacks and skill players are drafted individually, while offensive lines and defenses are taken as units.

Games are played on a 50-yard indoor field with offenses beginning on their own 10-yard line to drive 40 yards to the end zone. There are also no kicks in FCF, meaning no field goals or punts. Games are expected to fit into a one-hour window, so there’s a running clock—except in the last 30 seconds of the half and overtime.

There are a slew of rules that are unique to FCF. A game’s opening possession is decided by rock, paper, scissors instead of a coin toss. All extra points are two-point conversions by default, and they feature a one-on-one battle between a receiver and defensive back from the five-yard line while the quarterback has just four seconds to throw the ball.

Speaking of quarterbacks, teams are required to insert their backup signal-callers in at least one out of three possessions (barring injury). This added a little extra to think about during each weekly redraft, considering it wouldn’t be wise to wait until the last round to select a backup quarterback because of how much they will be expected to play.

FCF is in the midst of a seven-week schedule, which will culminate with the playoffs and championship game.

The full season schedule, per DAZN, is as follows:

Week 3: Saturday, April 30

Week 4: Saturday, May 7

Week 5: Saturday, May 14

Week 6: Saturday, May 21

Week 7: Saturday, May 28

Playoffs: Saturday, June 4

Championship: Saturday, June 11 

Week 3 Rosters

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Here’s a look at all eight teams for Week 3, including their team owners and starting lineups. Remember, all skill position players are now locked into their squads. 

Glacier Boys: Quavo Huncho, Adin Ross, Richard Sherman and Deestroying

QB: Devlin Isadore, Chris Barrett

RB: Brycen Alleyne

SR: Andrew Jamiel, Cedric Byrd, Harrison Dreher

WR: Keyon Thomas

OL: The Trenchmen

DEF: The D-Block

Beasts: Marshawn Lynch, Renee Montgomery and Miro

QB: Alphonso Howard, Dentarrius Yon

RB: Quinn Porter

WR: LaMarcus Caradine, Jacoby Herring, Jordus Smith

SR: Tra Chandler

OL: The Trenchmen

DEF: The Hitmen

Shoulda Been Stars: Rachel Lindsay, Austin Ekeler, Altered State Machines and Druski

QB: D’Vonn Gibbons, Slade Jarman

RB: LaDarius Galloway, Tracy Gaston

WR: Just’N Thymes, Travalle Calvin

SR: Tyis Boykin

OL: The Wall

DEF: The Hitmen

Zappers: Bob Menery, Ronnie Singh, Trevor May and Dalvin Cook

QB: Johnny Manziel, Brian Allen

RB: Shun’Cee Thomas, Josh Robinson

WR: Terrell Owens, Terrance Williams

SR: James Harden

OL: Block Party

DEF: Shut Down Squad

Kingpins: NFT Kingpins

QB: Tirri Jones, Jason Stewart

RB: Daryl Virgies

WR: Collin Andrews, Vance Leonard

SR: Elijah Rogers, Tony Dixon

OL: Block Party

DEF: Heavy Hitters

Bored Ape FC: Bored Ape NFT

QB: Deondre Francois, Vidal Woodruff

RB: Jakobie Baker, Darren Woods

WR: Keyston Fuller

SR: Maurice Thomas, Kevin Felder

OL: Force Field

DEF: Shut Down Squad

Knights of Degen: Knights of Degen

QB: Ed Crouch, Danny Southwick

RB: Terelle West

WR: Yedidiah Louis, Jordan Williams

SR: Drake Wells, Eterrious Giles

OL: Force Field

DEF: The D-Block

8oki: 8oki

QB: Mitch Kidd, Brandon Pearson

RB: Malcolm Ballard

WR: Joseph Boykin, Patrick Smith, Malik Elion, Justin Nicholls

SL: Cedric Byrd

OL: The Wall

DEF: Heavy Hitters

*A full list of FCF players can be found here.

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