Baker Mayfield Has Message For Fans Amid Trade Rumors

As NFL teams head into the 2022 league year, there’s been substantial rumors regarding a possible end to the Baker Mayfield era in Cleveland.

On Tuesday evening, the Browns quarterback took to Twitter with a message addressing his uncertain future with the franchise that drafted him at No. 1 overall in 2018.

“With many uncertainties, here is where my head and heart is,” he wrote.

“The past 4 years have been nothing short of truly life changing since I heard my name called in the draft to go to Cleveland. This is not a message with hidden meaning. This is strictly to thank the city of Cleveland for embracing my family and me. We have made many memories and shared growing in this process through the ups and downs. I have no clue what happens next, which is the meaning behind this silence I have had during the duration of the process. I can only control what I can, which is trusting in God’s plan throughout this process.”

“I have given this franchise everything I have. That is something I’ve always done at every stage, and at every level. And that will not change wherever I take my next stop. Whatever happens.. I just want to say thank you to the fans who truly embraced who I am and the mentality that aligned so well with this city’s hard working people.”

“Cleveland will always be a part of Emily and my story. And we will always be thankful for the impact it has had and will have in our lives.”

While Mayfield says he has “no clue what happens next,” this message seems pretty indicative of an end to his time as the starting quarterback in Cleveland.

The Browns have been linked to the pursuit of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson this offseason. But even if the franchise doesn’t get this specific deal done, Mayfield could reportedly still be traded away from the organization sometime in the near future.

Mayfield helped the Browns break a long-standing playoff drought in 2020, but his injury-ridden 2021 campaign was no doubt a step in the wrong direction. This regression paired with this past season’s Odell Beckham Jr. drama could spell the end to the 26-year-old QB’s time with the organization.

What do you think the Browns should do with Mayfield?

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